: ( Goodbye.

It’s finally time for us to use the cliche saying “All good things must come to an end”. But due to certain circumstances we'll be closing down masterani.me and remove any video links to anime on our website.

We realise that we have built an amazing community because of the entertainment that we have in common called anime, so we’ll keep our discord active so that you can still enjoy our community aspect.

Thank you
Masterani.me - Feel free to join discord

!!! Our one and only domain is www.masterani.me any other site/app is pretending to be us, just be aware.

I know these clones might look a lot like the old website, and claim to be us but that is false.
In terms of functionality it's nowhere near the level masterani.me had. You'll also notice your account won't exist which is a giveaway by itself.
These copies don't share the same values we had and are just out there to gain money and blast you with ads.